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Shop Small Day 249: Tony's Finer Foods

In some aspects, shopping small hasn’t been that big of a change. I can’t remember the last time I shopped in a department store, and it’s been years since I did a grocery trip to Jewel or Dominicks. Huge stores make me a little panicky and over-whelmed: too many people and too many choices. So,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 201: Veggie Fest

Since it’s almost Wednesday, I figure it’s ok to start planning for the weekend. My daughter & I discovered this (small) fest a few years ago and we had a great time. I’m hoping we can make it for the second day this year, but figured with enough notice you’d be able to make it... Read more »

Shop Small Day 184: Tangerine

Maybe you’re heading to the Dells, or maybe further north into Wisconsin. Either way, you make it past Madison and realize “crap, I forgot my probiotics and holistic health care.” Think you’re S.O.L? Nope! Take a quick detour to historic Portage and stop by Tangerine. Only 20 miles from the Dells, Tangerine is a small... Read more »

Shop Small Day 171: Guess What's Cooking

Cream, butter, sugar, flour, eggs. Combine those ingredients and you can pretty much create any delicious dessert. Unless you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people think they have to sacrifice great taste when eliminating gluten, especially in baked goods. Not anymore! I know there are preconceived notions that gluten-free can’t possibly taste good. That’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 170: Thanks Jordan Vegan Cafe

Well, that was quite a storm tonight. Unfortunately it thwarted my plans to stop for a smoothie.  Don’t stop reading just because there’s “vegan” in the title; this cafe is incredible for reasons more than just their food. Welcome to Thanks Jordan Vegan Cafe. Though they are focused on vegan, raw, gluten-free, and organic foods,... Read more »

Day 137: Blind Faith Cafe

Once word got out that I was heading to Evanston, several readers all mentioned the same place for me to try. I figured with that many unrelated people recommending the same place, I had to go! Fortunately, we made it to Evanston with a little time to spare before my daughter’s lacrosse game, and we... Read more »

Day 118: Two Mothers Foods

Ok, my friends.  It’s been a long day;  you’re hungry, your family is hungry, and everyone wishes dinner were on the table 20 minutes ago. Choices seem pretty limited: fast-food, pizza, basically junk…and usually a chain. Now, throw food sensitivities, gluten-free, or vegan necessities into the mix and good luck. Well, until now, it’s mom... Read more »

Day 109: Sweet Mandy B's

Since we’re finally getting a break in the weather, take a drive to the city for one of my favorite bakeries. Several readers have recommended it as one of their favorites too. So, if you haven’t been there, it’s time to try Sweet Mandy B’s!   Probably best known for their cupcakes, I can also... Read more »

Day 101: The Cellar Bistro

Based on friends’ Facebook comments, it looks like everyone has had a hell of a week and is ready for a glass of wine.  What I could really go for is a good meal.  One that is prepared FOR me with the same level of consciousness to sustainability that I use.  Sounds like it’s time to... Read more »

Day 87: Cupcakes 2 Remember

I’m writing this in a bit of sugar coma. Just returned from celebrating my grandma’s 93rd birthday (along with my brother-in-law’s, my husband’s, and my birthday too!), and if you’ve ever met my family you know that there is always plenty of food…specifically dessert. Instead of everyone having their own, though, it’s usually a community... Read more »