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Shop Small Day 193: Bird on a Wire Studio

Ok, crafty friends this new place is for you! Actually, it seems more suited to your crafty kids. Need a rainy day activity? Looking for a unique party idea? Then drop in to Bird on a Wire Studio. For creative kids, Bird on a Wire Studio will become their home away from home! They offer... Read more »

Shop Small Day 192: Fuschia

Who says it’s impossible to shop adorable boutiques without spending a fortune? You just need to know when to shop. And, this weekend’s Glen Ellyn Sidewalk Sales are the perfect time hit Fuschia. I’ve always been drawn to boutiques because, generally, lesser known brands often mean higher quality. Since I don’t shop often, I don’t... Read more »

Day 43: Breakfast, lunch, & dinner all for under $10!

Seriously. How many places can you pick up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all for under $10? Did I mention it’s made from scratch? What’s the catch? They’re only open three days a week, or while supplies last! Where is this culinary delight? The Culinary Market at Wheat Cafe. Never heard of it? You don’t... Read more »