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Shop Small Day 227: Bring it Home "Again"

There’s something about perusing through a consignment shop that makes me feel like I’m about to find a treasure. While haphazard clothing stores make me crazy, I love the comfortable chaos searching through vintage furniture and home goods. I’d be a great “American Picker.” One of my readers must know my style well to send... Read more »

Shop Small Day 223: Conley's Classics & Antiques

The first piece of furniture that my husband and I bought together was our kitchen table. That was almost 17 years ago. The table has made it through three moves and is just as sturdy as the day we bought it. Did I mention that it was handmade and cost $400 for the table and... Read more »

Day 146: Divine Consign

I have the ten year bug.  We’ve been in our house for almost 11 years (where did that time go?) and everything is starting to look dated.  When I hear something happened a decade ago- I still think they mean the 1990’s. It’s definitely time for some new furniture.  But, with a ten year old... Read more »

Day 66: Just can't wait to get On the Road Again

Nostalgia must be the theme this week. Today’s plans included running general errands, but I ended up stumbling upon a really cool shop. Actually, through an odd twist of fate, I found a home decor consignment shop that I will definitely frequent often. First, a little history. My dad died almost thirty years ago. Although... Read more »