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Shop Small Day 249: Tony's Finer Foods

In some aspects, shopping small hasn’t been that big of a change. I can’t remember the last time I shopped in a department store, and it’s been years since I did a grocery trip to Jewel or Dominicks. Huge stores make me a little panicky and over-whelmed: too many people and too many choices. So,... Read more »

Day 145: Stubby Pencil Studio

When we think about small businesses, of course the brick & mortor shops come to mind. But, there are plenty of small shop owners (like myself) that are online businesses. These stores need our support too, it’s certainly not easy competing with Amazon & big name shops any easier online. Not only is this web-based... Read more »

Day 144: Paul's Pizza Den

I love the idea of living at the lake house. Morning coffee on the porch, cocktails on the patio, waking up to the lake & cranberry bogs. And then I remember that the woods totally freak me out. I keep thinking that I’ll stop expecting Michael Meyers to step in front of my car, but... Read more »

Day 143: Tremblay's Sweet Shop

What’s a Main Street without an old-fashioned candy shop? Not one I want to visit! ¬†Hayward, Wisconsin doesn’t disappoint here. ¬†Remember, it’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re on a virtual vacation at my sister’s lakehouse. Even though the guys could stay on the lake fishing for hours, it’s not hard to entice anyone to ride... Read more »

Day 128: Wicked Good Cafe

Thank God! I have finally found a coffee shop! It’s not that I go out for coffee often, I just like to have the option. Sure you can just run in and grab a cup of coffee, but you’ll want to have a sandwich and stay to chat for a while. This isn’t just a... Read more »