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Shop Small Day 240: Havmore! Foods

Imagine this. You’re driving home from work and remember you have nothing for tomorrow’s lunches. The last thing you want to do is drive out of your way to stop at a mega grocery store where you’ll have to wait in line forever. Good thing there is Havmore! Foods. While it may seem like a... Read more »

Shop Small Day 239: Szela's European Deli & Subs

It’s that time of year: tailgating and Oktoberfest parties. Though you may not eat it any other time of the year, every good Oktoberfest needs sauerkraut. If you aren’t planning on making your own, it’s a good thing they have plenty for you at Szela’s European Deli & Subs. Located in a non-descript strip mall-... Read more »

104: Shane's Deli

Ahhh.. what a fabulous Sunday.  Sunny, 70°, Hawks win…what could be better?! In case you missed the Facebook picture (my first question would be why aren’t you following us on Facebook?), the day started with a trip to Natt’s Orchids. Gorgeous isn’t it? The kid’s and I enjoyed a fairly lazy afternoon, and my husband... Read more »

Day 82: Amici Italian Grocery

Since my daughter wasn’t feeling great & slept in this morning, my husband was in charge of running my son to baseball. Actually, I had a pretty relaxing day and didn’t have to run any errands at all. But, my husband and son proudly described a small business they found today. It’s actually been on... Read more »

Day 45: Hungry? How about a Hungarian market?!

I’ve driven past a particular “specialty market” about a million times, but I had never ventured inside the store.   So, in the spirit of my 365 day challenge, I knew I couldn’t just drive past again.  I was expecting fancy condiments, different bottles of beer, maybe even unique deli items.  I was not expecting... Read more »