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Shop Small Day 281: Cracker Jax

Sometimes treasures aren’t found in neatly organized racks and display cases. Finding a hidden gem is more rewarding when you stubble upon it wondering how someone else could’ve missed it. Much like discovering the prize at the bottom of the box, you can find rewards digging through Cracker Jax. If neatly organized, color cordinated clothing... Read more »

Day 84: A Day of Favorites!

Since the kids are on spring break, I tried to get the majority of our errands done in one shot, and still incorporate a few for fun. Besides the standard bank & library stops we hit a few favorites for each of us! First stop, Peter Rubi’s for fresh fruits & veggies for the week.... Read more »

Day 77: Find your Moxie!

If you don’t want to drive to DeKalb just for yesterday’s small business, Ollie’s (though it’s well worth the drive!), you can spend some time shopping too. In fact, they have one of my favorite stores for picking up fun gifts, vintage tchotchkes, and cool accessories. Pretty much anything you could need (and tons of... Read more »

Day 37: Designer Jeans...dirt cheap!

I live in jeans. I wish it weren’t the case, and that I really did mix it up with nice pants or a skirt more often. But that rarely happens, especially in the winter. It all started with my first pair of Paper, Denim, and Cloth jeans. (fyi-that’s not me!) I’m sure somewhere along the... Read more »