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Shop Small Day 306: Hardware Gastropub

Let me preface by saying, I am not a foodie. I’m not necessarily picky…I appreciate great food, but I tend fall on the simplistic side. I don’t need fancy ingredients. So, if you’re anything like me…make sure you have “adventurous” eaters with you when you visit Hardware Gastropub. I wouldn’t have ordered 90% of what... Read more »

Shop Small Day 303: Crusade Burger Bar

It’s Friday. Time for a burger and a beer, right? Time to shed the week, shoot some pool, and play a little shuffleboard…and have another beer. Lucky for you, I have just the place. City friends, pack some snacks, we’re heading out to Yorkville again. This time we’re going to Crusade Burger Bar. Relax. This... Read more »

Shop Small Day 295: Evil Czech Brewery

An often forgotten aspect of green living is shopping small businesses. These are the shops that give our community personality. The owners generally have a passion for what they do and are thrilled when you walk through the door.  In the last Shop Small post (Kimmer’s Ice Cream), I mentioned that I was still pretty... Read more »

Shop Small Day 254: International Dinner

A couple of years ago I hosted Christmas Eve for my family. Since it was at my house, I figured I could put a little spin on the menu. So, in my natural “tree-hugging” spirit we created a Peace on Earth/Christmas Around the World International dinner. The meal was less about making sure all of... Read more »

Shop Small Day 228: Chicago Brew Werks

Once again, today’s small business was a reader’s recommendation (keep ’em coming!). I initially felt a little like a fish out of water, but owner Brandon (far left in the photo) made me feel right at home in no time. You don’t have to be a home-brewer to find something to love at Chicago Brew... Read more »

Shop Small Day 194: Warren's Ale House

I have to thank my friend Sarah for today’s small business. If it weren’t for her fantastic fundraiser last night, I would still be in the dark about this place. I didn’t have a typical experience here, but, from what I saw last night, I’ll definitley be back to Warren’s Ale House. Even though I’m... Read more »

Shop Small Day 178: Cookout Necessities

Hopefully everyone had a safe 4th of July filled with great food, plenty of laughs, and fireworks.  It was a gorgeous night for a cook-out, even better that the kids could play outside all night.  Maybe our summer weather has finally arrived.  Want to shop small for your next backyard gathering? These 4 shops have... Read more »

Day 122: T-Birds Liquor Store

Who’s  ready for a drink?  Me too.  Yesterday’s weather had me ready for cocktails on the patio; today’s rainy 50° plus no school tomorrow means I need a beer…or two.  Since Binny’s is out this year, a reader who must know me well suggested I try T-Birds Liquors. I’m not a fancy cocktail drinker (though... Read more »