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Things to do in Orlando besides Disney Parks

The realization hit me that I really only have two Spring breaks left with my daughter before she graduates high school. Most of our latest vacations & getaways have been driven by sports. This year I wanted a non-sports related family vacation come hell or high water. And, since we’d just finished two crazy hockey... Read more »

Pin 52 Challenge: Bang Bang Shrimp and Pasta

There are definitely times I’m better off not knowing what’s in a favorite dish. I don’t want to know that there’s three cups of sour cream in the dip I’ve been snacking on all night at a party; much like I don’t really want to know how my mom fries her catfish that makes it... Read more »

Day 71: Cafe Tu Tu Tango!

Ok, this is not the post I intended to write tonight. But then my friend sent me a picture from dinner and I got really hungry! You’ve already heard about my favorite tapas restaurant in the city: Twist in Chicago. When in Orlando, though, it’s all about Cafe Tu Tu Tango! Not only do they... Read more »