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Shop Small Day 272: Gift cards that kick start New Year's Resolutions

A manicure and a martini?Yes, please! <a href=" http://www.chicagonow.com/shop-small-2013/2013/02/day-36-a-manicure-and-a-martini-yes-please/"target="_blank">Cosmos Beauty Bar</a>  is a full service bar within a mani/pedi salon.  Need I say more?!
I usually try to avoid giving gift certificates, they just seem too impersonal. Of course, though, there are definitely some exceptions. In fact, a gift card to any of these awesome small businesses will tell the recipient that you understand exactly what they want! New to Shop Small 2013 and want to know how this... Read more »

Shop Small Day 157: The Herrington Inn

It’s almost impossible to believe that the first time I visited here was 17 years ago. But, I knew the minute I saw it that it was the perfect location for my wedding. So, 17 years ago yesterday I was the first bride to walk down the gorgeous staircase at the Herrington Inn. Besides a... Read more »