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Day 103: Full Sunday

Tomorrow is supposed to be 73°! Yippee! So, get out of the house & go support some small business favorites. I know these stores aren’t all in close proximity of each other, but depending where the road takes you on a gorgeous Sunday, maybe you’ll hit one or two of these shops. Breakfast. There’s no... Read more »

Day 80: Books, books, books!

I am a book junkie. For several years I’ve come close to achieving my goal of reading 50 books in one year. This may be my year! While I borrow get the majority of my books from the library, I do buy a few throughout the year. New hardcovers are a little pricey for the... Read more »

Day 39: Pick Up Your Next Great Read

Do you prefer the company of books over the company of most people? Yeah, me too. If you’re looking for your next best read, or the latest New York Times Bestseller, check the book store. No, really, that’s the name The Book Store. Like many of their books, the store has some history. They’ve been... Read more »