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Shop Small Day 243: Chelios' Pub & Grill

Since tickets are a little pricey, and it can get boring watching the game at home, sometimes you need a new spot to view the game. Not necessarily a place where everyone knows your name, but a place where you’ll have company yelling about bad plays, and cheering for great ones. “But there’s no place... Read more »

Shop Small Day 169: Delicia

Unless you’re living off the grid (in which case you aren’t reading this then either) you know that the Blackhawks are playing Game 6 tomorrow night. Sure, you could go to any bar and watch the game eating pizza and wings. Or, you could watch the game and enjoy shrimp fajitas, a mango margarita, and... Read more »

Shop Small Day 162: RG Hockey Pro Shop

Maybe watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs has sparked an interest in learning how to play hockey. If you’ve seen five minutes of a hockey game, you understand the importance of properly fitting equipment. While it’s tempting to pick up cheap garage sale cast-offs for a first-time player, you’re better off letting the pros help. RG... Read more »

Shop Small Day 158: Occasions

I give kudos to any small business that makes it past the difficult 5-year mark. More props to a small shop that manages to open a second location during that time. And my sincerest hat’s off to any business that is able to make it for a couple of years as the only store in... Read more »

Day 90: Pro Jersey

Wow! Today marks the three months of my shop small challenge. I am thrilled with the new businesses I’ve found and the incredible shop owners I’ve met. I’m also impressed with how much small business owners support one another. Yesterday I went to Total Hockey to find a few last minute Easter Basket goodies and... Read more »

Day 52: Favor the Earth!

Since I’ve moved to the Chicago Now forum, many readers are new to this blog (?diary?).  If you’d like to know how this 365 day challenge of shopping small began, this will take you back to day 1.  Catch up on a few of our earlier favorites: Marcel’s Culinary Experience, Lola’s & Gigi’s, and Lemon... Read more »

Day 40: A Total Hockey Store

Has the Blackhawks winning streak motivated you to try the game of hockey?  Does your son or daughter want to be the next Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane (or my favorites Sharp & Shaw!)? Follow the Olympic footsteps of Cammy Granto or Jimmy Craig? Then you need Total Hockey. Ok, they sort of fall in the... Read more »