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Shop Small Day 286: Chuck's Southern Comfort Cafe

Now that baseball season is in full swing (ha! get it?!), it means new towns and new (to me) small businesses. A recent game in Burbank led us to a highly recommended restaurant. We were told the food is great and the beer is cold…that was more than enough to influence our group. The recommendation... Read more »

Shop Small Day 251: The Patio

I am incredibly grateful that my kids are good eaters. I always know, regardless if we’re at a restaurant, in someone’s home, or in a different country, that they will try anything. Believe me, I know how fortunate I am. At the same time, going out to eat with them is never cheap; there’s no... Read more »

Shop Small Day 230: rQ! Barbecue

A gorgeous fall-weather day seemed to call for a bbq lunch. Though we were tempted to head to our recent favorite, Sharkos, I heard there’s a new spot that recently opened. So after hockey practice, my hungry son and I headed to rQ! Barbeque. Since sports practices bring us to this side of town often, it’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 204: Hawthorne's Backyard

Some nights it’s a royal pain to please everyone. No one feels like cooking, and everyone wants something different. Add in the element of wanting live music or a game of horseshoes- now where are you going to go? Hawthorne’s Backyard Bar & Grill. You’ll feel like you’re truly heading to someone’s backyard as you... Read more »

Day 132: The Spice House

Shopping small I have enjoyed buying spices at ethnic markets like Spice & Rice and Freedom’s Market. But, I was thrilled to come across one of my favorite spice stores last weekend in Evanston…The Spice House. While The Spice House has essentially every spice imaginable, I go for their Chicago blends, especially the Old Taylor... Read more »

Day 110: Smokey's Wood Pit Bbq

Today’s your lucky day, a “double header!” Yep, you’ll get days 110 & 111 today because… well, I just didn’t get day 110 done before my son’s baseball game last night, and beer & pizza afterwards lead to a late night!  So, here we go with Smokey’s Wood Pit Bbq. If you’re out driving around... Read more »