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Shop Small Day 218: Riverbrook Bike & Ski

In the past 10 years I think I have rode my bicycle twice. So the reason I was intrigued to check out today’s shop was less about the inventory and more about the building itself. But, I left the store feeling enthusiastic about both! Riverbrook Bike & Ski isn’t just a great small shop, it’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 208: Small Smiles

You probably don’t hear from kids too often that they love their dentist.  But Dr. Dave is no ordinary dentist.  Parents love him, kids adore him, and his staff is just as incredible.   Even if your child is barely out of diapers, call to get on the waiting list because everyone is trying to... Read more »

Shop Small Day 203: Versed Salon

With as happy as it makes me feel, you’d think I would get my hair cut more often. But, 2-3 times a year is usually all I make it. Since I was long past due, and a new place just opened in town, I figured I’d check out Versed Salon. It must have been fate,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 202: Doors By Russ

Today’s small business is a little different. You will probably never visit them, but you need to hold onto their phone number. When the day comes that your garage door breaks, trapping your car inside, you’ll need Doors By Russ. Although they came to my rescue last year, it seems like many people have been... Read more »

Shop Small Day 188: wbig1280

It seems like some months, every major purchase comes in on the credit card at once. Yikes! Summer months especially are full of extras: meals out, entertainment, day trips. Saving money is always welcome. Sure you could wait for Groupon to have a random deal near you, or you could find great deals immediately on... Read more »