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Shop Small Day 228: Chicago Brew Werks

Once again, today’s small business was a reader’s recommendation (keep ’em coming!). I initially felt a little like a fish out of water, but owner Brandon (far left in the photo) made me feel right at home in no time. You don’t have to be a home-brewer to find something to love at Chicago Brew... Read more »

Shop Small Day 220: Closings, changes, and updates

Here we go again. Two more small businesses are about to close their doors. This is, by far, the most frustrating part of this challenge: watching incredible shops say goodbye. Granted, some are retiring, some move out of state, but, for the most part, it’s difficult competing with the chains. However, none of those answers... Read more »

Shop Small Day 191: Ice Cream Planet

I can’t believe I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life & I’ve never heard of this place.   Ok, the store has only been here for 15 years, but still, no excuse! It’s off the beaten path, so had I not searched for small shops in the Brookfield area, I still wouldn’t have found... Read more »

Shop Small Day 190: From Scratch Marketplace

Starting your own bakery, or any food company, can be overwhelming. Many start out as home-based businesses, until they outgrow their home kitchen.  The next step, though, renting a commercial kitchen can be expensive.   Unless, you join From Scratch Marketplace This licensed commercial kitchen provides the opportunity for local gourmet shops to create, sell,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 189: Wagner's Farmstand

Hooray! My favorite farmstand has opened for the season! The Wagner family moved to Naperville in 1961 and have been selling their homegrown produce ever since. They’ve grown a bit from their original roadside stand, now it’s more of a roadside barn. They’re only open for a short season, so I always make it a... Read more »

Shop Small Day 186: Simply Saucy

I am so excited- two new stores just opened in our small town! If you’re looking for a great hostess gift or a something new for your next cookout, you’re in luck. You’ll find everything you need at Simply Saucy Just like the name suggests, Simply Saucy is full of sauces: bbq, hot, super hot,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 184: Tangerine

Maybe you’re heading to the Dells, or maybe further north into Wisconsin. Either way, you make it past Madison and realize “crap, I forgot my probiotics and holistic health care.” Think you’re S.O.L? Nope! Take a quick detour to historic Portage and stop by Tangerine. Only 20 miles from the Dells, Tangerine is a small... Read more »

Shop Small Day 183: Zinke's Village Market & Liquor

If you’re heading up to any of the Dells resorts, be forewarned, the food can get expensive.  And redundant.  Chicken tenders, hot dogs, and rarely a fruit to be found.   Although I usually hate having to cook on vacation,  this trip is the exception.  Since we were there for a baseball tournament, snacks, sandwiches,... Read more »