5 things I'm loving this week

This was a week of firsts for me. I took my first solo trip: not a girls weekend, not meeting a friend, just me initially surrounded by strangers. I rode a bike for the first time in a really, really long time (amazing that a beach path makes you want to ride forever). And, I found incredible inspiration in an unlikely place.

5-thing-blog A two-day intensive workshop with 100 women was a bit out of my comfort zone. But, instead of the judgemental, standoffish attitudes I expected to encounter…

I found myself embraced by insanely successful women eager and willing to help everyone reach their goals.

Yes, many we’re mind-blowing financially successful, but ALL of them weren’t simply focused on the dollar signs, but the lifestyles they were creating… traveling the country with family, building recurring income to spend more time with those they love, exploring the world, and making a difference.

I was motivated by the unwavering generosity and I was damn determined to bring this motivation home from California.

5-things-im-loving-this-week-1So, this week’s “5 Things I’m Loving” are helping me find focus, design new programs, and create balance.

1. The Inner Circle. The reason for the weekend away. You may have seen Grace Lever’s ads and wondered if it’s as brilliant as it sounds, it is. And more. Beyond the focused, approachable information, she is truly creating community of generosity… women who are building wildly successful lifestyles in their own niche, yet more than willing to help you grow too- yes, even if you’re in the same space. I’ve been following her programs for over a year and wish I would’ve started even longer ago. You can see if she’s right for you here >> bit.ly/GraceLever

2. Bubba’s Bourbon Vanilla Ungranola: If you’ve spend five minutes with me, you know I always have snacks. Yes, I eat almost every three hours and tend to get a little crabby if I get too hungry. But, I’m also very particular about ingredients. As a nutritionist- I teach ingredient loyality and how synthetic crap affects our health and athletic performance. As a woman- I still want food fast and love finding new snacks to take on the run. Motivation takes energy, I need my fuel! (get 25 of my favorite snacks here)

3. Jimmy Greenfield. Too often we don’t let those who’ve made a profound difference in our lives know their impact. Maybe it’s a teacher, a coach, or a writer. Maybe it’s someone who believes in you when you’re struggling to do it yourself. Though Jimmy’s books are about the Chicago Cubs, it makes me happier when I open the Sunday paper for his pieces on the Blackhawks. He is often- and especially this week- a voice of confidence in my head.

4. Couleur Caramel Pearly Raspberry Lipstick. I don’t wear much makeup (mostly because it’s so damn complicated now) and I’d probably be the first in line for an adult version of a geranimals wardrobe. But even in jeans and a sweatshirt, this lipstick makes me feel a little bolder… a little more put together… and I look a whole lot less tired than I really am! Bonus- it’s not laden with toxic crap. (FavorTheEarth.com)

5. My Next 90 Days Action Planner. I love my lists. There was a collective gasp from my friends and family when I told them I left my “to-do” book on the plane when I arrived in California (thanks for trying to find it, Southwest)- I felt a lot lost and a little liberated. But… I need my lists. For me, a more balanced lifestyle won’t happen with a wave of a wand… I need organization for my family & business schedules and goals. My Next 90 Days is more than a calendar planner, there’s spaces for “brain dumps” (I think I need a book just for those!), goals, daily tasks, delegating, and even a few reward stickers… hey, nothing says success like gold stars and checkmarks, right?! (Savor My Success)

There’s still crazy amounts of work to be done, but I’m inspired and on a roll… I cannot wait to share the new programs and workshops I have heading your way!

For now though…

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