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Is this safe to eat? When you'll be safe and when you'll be sorry

It’s not that anyone ever wants to waste food, it’s just that sometimes we aren’t really sure if it’s still safe, or if we’ll end up sick from eating it. So we err on the side of caution and throw it away… along with our hard-earned dollars. Put your mind at ease, and save money... Read more »

A key missing requirement for gun ownership: because a mom can figure out what the government can't

I’m sick of government’s empty promises to make our schools safer. “Thoughts and Prayers” aren’t solving the problem either. While I don’t advocate for gun rights and I don’t have them in my home, I did grow up with them in the house. But this isn’t about the right to own a gun. This isn’t... Read more »

Playing a Travel Sport? 4 Things Your Young Athlete Should Do

There’s no doubt that travel sports are a huge commitment…not just for the athlete but the entire family. A commitment in both money and time. Missed school…missed work…hours at practices….hours on the road….not to mention tournament fees, team fees, gear, uniforms, and still all the laundry that goes with it. Coaches have expectations for competition... Read more »