3 reasons why you need to buy a whole pomegranate, not just the seeds

You’ve probably heard about the incredible health benefits of pomegranates: loaded with antioxidants, high in fiber, high in Vitamin C, and a great source of Vitamin A. While the majority of all of the nutrients are found in the seeds, there’s good reason to buy the whole fruit.

3-ways-to-use-1Technically a berry, pomegranates are in season October through February- perfect timing for the hectic holiday season when we can always use another stress relief outlet…buying a whole pomegranate is one way to do just that.

1. Stress Relief: To remove the seeds, cut the pomegranate in half, hold low over a bowl (may want to wear an apron in case of splatters) and whack the peel with a the flat of a wooden spoon to release the seeds. Kids typically love this task, but why should they get all of the stress-relieving fun? When finished, discard any white pith from the bowl or seeds. Save the juice separately.

2. Natural Color: Baking cookies? Skip the artificial food dyes this year and tint your frosting with reserved pomegranate juice. Because the juice is naturally sweet, you may need to reduce added sugar in the frosting.

3. Cocktail Time: Add a fall twist to your favorite cocktails with pomegranate juice. Or, make a pomegranate syrup to naturally sweeten teas or add to carbonated water.

So go ahead and add the seeds to smoothies, oatmeal, guacamole, salads, and soups to reduce risk of cancer, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation and joint pain. But, skip the “convenient” seeds-only packages and go “whole fruit” instead.

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