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Are you making these 5 clean eating mistakes?

I get it. Eating healthy isn’t always easy. It seems like one day this food is great for you, and the next…hmmm..maybe not so much. In general, though, choosing whole foods is more nutritious than focusing on the sum of its parts. A vitamin C supplement may give you a vitamin boost, but it won’t... Read more »

I found an auto service shop that doesn't suck: Dear Subaru this is for you

Dear Subaru, Grab a snack. This might take awhile. It’s a story of love…and hate…and love. At the end of 2010 it was time for a new car. As the owner of a sustainable living company, I was drawn to Subaru’s environmental reputation. “Get a Subaru” friends said. “They’re environmentally friendly!” “They have great customer... Read more »

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey: and an unlikely love story

I often get frustrated with minor inconveniences: red lights when I’m running late, lost car keys, an uncooperative phone. Nothing of importance in the grand scheme of life…but I’ve been known to lose my shit over it a time or two. A crisis, on the other hand, and I’m your woman. I find my balance... Read more »

Still wondering what's a GMO? Here's how to decide if they're safe for your family

You’ve probably heard about GMO’s on the news…maybe you’ve even noticed “made with genetically modified ingredients” listed in ingredients. But what in the world ARE they? GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are supposed to be the answer to end world hunger. ….they’re supposed to prevent farmers from losing crops to pests- to disease- to weather- And... Read more »

Take what you need: a lesson in life

For the last couple weeks I’ve been experiencing what I can best describe as “head up ass-itis.” I feel like I’ve thrown 20 balls in the air and not only do I have to catch them all, I also need to organize them before they hit me on the head. Want to guess how well... Read more »