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A nutritionist's guide: 4 tips for healthy eating

In an ideal world we’d grow our own vegetables…pick fresh fruit off our trees & bushes…gather eggs from our pet hens…and milk our own cows and goats. Yeah, that’s not my world today. Though it’s nice picking fresh basil and peppers from our small backyard garden, it’s certainly not going to sustain me…or my constantly... Read more »

How you can keep your produce fresh longer (hint: some need their privacy)

No one wants to waste food. Yet, nearly 40% of our food is thrown away…sickening, right? I know, we buy fresh peaches and berries with visions of starting our day with a healthy breakfast. We swear that THIS TIME we’ll use the spinach and figure out what the hell to do with that jackfruit. And... Read more »

Trader Joe's names their Top 50 products: these are my 5 favorites, plus 7 more that didn't make their list

Most people either love or hate Trader Joe’s. I hear plenty of people say that they just don’t get it. It’s small. Most products are store brands. And they don’t carry the same products all the time. Yes. Yes. And yes. Endless options, florescent lighting, and mile long aisles make me anxious. But, nice people... Read more »

21 lunch ideas for school...or work

It’s not the school supplies filling Target shelves in July. It’s not the endless clothes and shoes ads. The true sign that it’s Back to School time is the explosion of “what do you take for lunch” posts. Forget the fancy masterpiece lunches, we just want something our kids will eat…and if it could be... Read more »

How to read sugar labels and avoid the sugar tax: new nutrition labels are here

There’s no question that sugar consumption in the US is a little out of control. Our frappuccino “snack” has 11-20 teaspoons of sugar alone…the World Health Organization recommends no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. Uh oh. No problem, just switch to sugar-free, right? Wrong. Those synthetic sugars: splenda, equal, sucralose, truvia,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 211: Four Day Ray Brewing

Over the past several years, I’ve found fantastic small businesses around the Midwest (Fatty Lumpkins… Evil Czech Brewery….Baker’s Wife) while venturing from town to town with my son’s travel baseball team. This year marked the last season for his team as the boys all move on to high school in a couple weeks. Our final... Read more »