Shop Small Day 308: Vintage shopping at True North

I’m at the point where I want to change EVERYTHING in my house. I’ve recycled decor from one room to another enough times that they’ve almost made the full circuit. My husband and I disagree on most everything, but decorating pretty much tops the list. I like everything piece to have a story, he prefers new…made to look like it’s had a story.

After bringing home a haunted couch and picture (not even kidding- my dog wouldn’t even go near the couch and the picture came from an old absinthe bar), I conceded to a truce…for a while. Until I had to go to Morris today.

true-northIf you followed my Shop Small Challenge during 2013 (yes, I only shopped small businesses for a full year) you might remember one of my favorites, Lola’s. Sadly, Lola’s closed but owner Stacy wasn’t gone for long. She continued with several markets and recently opened a new shop, True North.

Unlike Lola’s, though, True North is packed with not only Stacy’s treasures, but countless other vendors too. Happy to spend hours uncovering fabulous vintage finds? Good thing they sell a few throwback sodas to keep you going.

shop-small-true-north-2Disco ball? Of course.
Road signs? Definitely.
Jewelry, milk glass, vintage pyrex? Yes, yes, and yes.

Plan on making a few loops around the warehouse because you’ll see something different each time around. There are a few new items (t-shirts and such) too.

I found a few small pieces to give my mantel and bookshelves some “new” life. I’m still thinking about the STOP sign and No Passing Zone street signs, though. Only problem is they’re crazy heavy, BIG, and I can’t figure out how to hang them and tell my husband “those signs have been there for months- you’re just noticing them now?!”

True North is less than a mile and a half off I80. Since you’ll work up an appetite shopping, head downtown afterwards-a loaf of cinnamon bread from the Morris Bakery will distracts others enough so you can do a little redecorating at home.

Love all things vintage and want to visit one of the “Top Markets” in the country? True North will also have a space at this weekend’s (July 8th) Three French Hens Market in Morris.

True North
539 Bedford Rd
Morris, Illinois, IL 60450

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