Shop Small Day 210: Hazel Marie's

Every small town needs an ice cream parlor, right? I mean Main Street and ice cream just go together. Unfortunately, for too many years, Plainfield didn’t have one. Sure, you could get a scoop, but a true, go to town for, old school ice cream shop didn’t exist.

introducingUntil this month.

Local residents Tammy and her husband also realized that our little town desperately needed ice cream…and by the size of the crowds, all of Plainfield agreed.

Hazel Marie’s has been welcomed with open arms.

img_1626Yes, I’m kind of an ice cream junkie, but I’ve been anticipating the opening since I watched 4 huge guys struggle to carry an antique counter into the shop.

The finished decor didn’t disappoint…pink walls, wood floor, chandeliers, cute table and chairs, and a convenient ledge with stools.

Of course, a portrait of namesake, grandma Hazel Marie, also adorns the wall.

I know, let’s get to the important part…the ice cream.

24 flavors of deliciousness:

img_1625Refreshing Lemon Meringue, coffeelicious Espresso, and my favorite…Fat Elvis. Can’t decide? You’ll find a little of everything in This Just Got Serious.

Worried about allergies? Hazel Marie’s has several nut-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Even more important, the staff is all trained to avoid cross-contamination.

At least with other shop small ice cream favorites (Kimmers and Brown Cow), there’s some level of self-control, they are a forty-five minute drive. Hazel Marie’s, on the other hand, has been open about two weeks and I’ve already been there twice. It might be a good thing that they don’t sell pints…yet!

Though they are open daily so I guess I’m still in trouble.

img_1629Hazel Marie’s
24030 W. Lockport Street
Plainfield, IL 60544

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