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Shop Small Day 210: Hazel Marie's

Every small town needs an ice cream parlor, right? I mean Main Street and ice cream just go together. Unfortunately, for too many years, Plainfield didn’t have one. Sure, you could get a scoop, but a true, go to town for, old school ice cream shop didn’t exist. Until this month. Local residents Tammy and... Read more »

Your job isn't more important because you make more money

One of the perks of waiting tables through high school and college (besides cash in pocket) is the valuable life lessons learned. You learn to never go out in/out of the kitchen empty-handed (or up and down stairs); you learn that how you treat the wait-staff says more about your character than money ever will;... Read more »

Healthier junk food: a sports nutritionist's 4 favorite chips

Junk food is never going to be categorized as “healthy.” But, really, as much as I like crisp kale chips (not kidding, roast them with olive oil & Mexican spices), they aren’t quite the same as Cheetos. Are Cheetos doing my body any favors, no, but they aren’t “bad.” Terrorists are bad. Pedophiles are bad.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 309: Pack a snack, we're heading to Urban Farmgirl

I understand, maybe antiques and vintage markets aren’t quite your thing (though True North was just voted #1 antique store in Grundy County!). Maybe you’re a little more Chip and Joanna and you want to channel your inner Magnolia. Rustic chic calling your name? Time for a little decor “fixer upper?” Pack a snack and... Read more »

Shop Small Day 308: Vintage shopping at True North

I’m at the point where I want to change EVERYTHING in my house. I’ve recycled decor from one room to another enough times that they’ve almost made the full circuit. My husband and I disagree on most everything, but decorating pretty much tops the list. I like everything piece to have a story, he prefers... Read more »