I accidentally saved $720 year- Here's how I did it

Saving a few bucks is great, but most times it isn’t worth the hassle. I have a stack of stamps, but I’ll never send back a mail-in rebate. Clipping coupons is fine, but there aren’t many coupons for the foods we buy. Shop around to compare insurance or cable prices? I’d rather wax my ass.

Debate with a store clerk why 50% off + an extra 25% off DOESN’T equal 75% off? That I’ll happily do.

cg-laptop-1But that isn’t how I quickly saved over $700 a year.

Convenience is great…until it becomes so natural that you forget to pay attention. To think, it all started with

I was balancing my checkbook the other day and I noticed that $5.00 was deducted twice. Weird. For a several years I’ve had a monthly $5 auto-pay service charge for a credit card swiper I use on my phone…

Wait a minute.

I stopped using that swiper when I upgraded my phone and it didn’t fit the new phone…a couple years ago.


Granted, it’s only $5 a month, but that’s $60 a year ($180-$240 if I think about how long ago I stopped using that phone).

A three minute phone call…$60 a year saved.

cg-phoneSo I took a closer look at my auto-pays and realized that I was paying $4.99 a month for an app upgrade. I still use the app, but not nearly enough to pay for the upgraded version.

A thirty-second Itunes switch…$60 a year saved.

And then I remembered the bigger one.

When my kids were younger, I bought an Ipad so I could work and write outside when they were first venturing into neighbor friends’ yards. I added a data plan so they could watch movies on long road trips, and I could catch up on work while waiting at their practices. The kids got older, they got phones, I eventually switched to a laptop, and what do you know…

I’m still paying the damn $25/month data plan.

A two-minute cancellation…$600 a year saved.

I’m not even going to think about how long ago I stopped using the data plan.

cg-travelAutomatic deductions are, of course, convenient, but so easily over looked. Often they’re not a dramatic enough monthly payment to raise awareness. With everything else going on, a $4.99 app fee didn’t make my top 50 pressing concerns.

But…$720 a year.

It all adds up. At least it’s now adding up in my account- not Apple’s.

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