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Things to do in Orlando besides Disney Parks

The realization hit me that I really only have two Spring breaks left with my daughter before she graduates high school. Most of our latest vacations & getaways have been driven by sports. This year I wanted a non-sports related family vacation come hell or high water. And, since we’d just finished two crazy hockey... Read more »

Shop Small Day 307: Nic's Organic Fast Food

I get it. Some days call for a burger and fries. You don’t have time to sit down, you just need to eat and get back to your day. Wouldn’t it be great if a quick, drive-thru meal could also be a little healthier? Now it can. Introducing America’s FIRST Certified Organic Drive-Thru… Nic’s Organic... Read more »

5 tips to reduce sugar from your diet: a SLASH system that works

Sugar is obviously a hot topic in the nutrition world. Marketing tells us that sugar is the root of all disease and it should essentially be banned from our diets. Store shelves are packed with “low- sugar” and “no-sugar” options. But, is sugar really the problem, or is it the quantities we’re consuming? I recently... Read more »