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This is what bothers me about Small Business Saturday

It’s that time of year again when American Express reminds us to SHOP SMALL! They encourage us to SUPPORT LOCAL! And for our support we can proudly display our Shop Small bags…a pat on the back that we did our part to help independent businesses. We made a difference on this “very special” one day... Read more »

7 favorite Trader Joe's products for quick holiday recipes

Trader Joe's Cranberry Chevre: add some crackers and you have a simple cheese tray. Or, kick up the flavors on your turkey sandwich. Also great baked over chicken.
The holidays are no doubt a hectic time. With all of the extras on our to-do list, meal planning is often over-looked until it’s dinnertime: the family is getting hangry, and we have no plan. It doesn’t help that November & December magazines are full of holiday meals, but little options for the other 50-some... Read more »

Why I'm not telling you about artificial food coloring alternatives...yet

In my last post about artificial colors (Would you put whiskey in your kid’s cereal? Then don’t let them ingest artificial colors), there were some comments posted regarding the dangers of natural color alternatives. And they’re absolutely correct. Many companies are quite aware that consumers are avoiding certain ingredients, so they substitute others which may... Read more »

Would you put whiskey in your kid's cereal? Then don't let them ingest artificial colors

Let’s say- hypothetically- that you’re at the grocery store with your 5 year old, and they’re running through the aisles and throwing tantrums. Or,┬ámaybe the teacher calls because your child has been unfocused and not “staying on task.” Now, assume that a friend- or the teacher- inquires about the behavior and asks “what did your... Read more »