Shop Small Day 303: Crusade Burger Bar

It’s Friday. Time for a burger and a beer, right? Time to shed the week, shoot some pool, and play a little shuffleboard…and have another beer. Lucky for you, I have just the place. City friends, pack some snacks, we’re heading out to Yorkville again. This time we’re going to Crusade Burger Bar.

Relax. This isn’t an ordinary burger bar.

crusade burgerDoes a burger topped with naturally-raised brisket with ancho & guajillo peppers, aged white cheddar, avocado pico de gallo & cilantro cream (You’re the one for me, Fatty), or another piled with apple cider braised pork belly, white cheddar, fennel, pickled mustard seed, radish, apple slaw & sambal mayo (Knife Party) sound ordinary?

Didn’t think so!

Let’s back up a bit. Aside from the toppings, Crusade stands above most burger joints because their beef (and all ingredients) is sourced locally…really local…we’re talking they buy they whole cow from a farm in Yorkville!

Admittedly, I don’t eat red meat very often. So, I love the option of swapping the burger for a chicken breast for no additional charge.

If you really want a lighter meal, they do have salads or a side of sauteed kale, but you’ll probably have meal envy.

crusade 2Of course you’ll want to wash down that burger with a beer or cocktail. You have options galore!

Crusade has a huge selection of local craft beers, over 30 on tap. They also have a decent cocktail menu, though all 6 adults in our group had beer.

Except at dessert.

They didn’t have their new hand pies when I was there (though they look like they’d be served hot, and you already know how I feel about hot desserts), so “adult milkshakes” it was!

We tried the Ebony and Ivory (Town branch bourbon, vanilla bean, vanilla bean ice cream) and Cheesecake Island (Citrus rum, creme of coconut, lime juice, vanilla ice cream). Both were good, but after finishing dinner, two was plenty for the table.

crusadeWhile Crusade is fairly small, crowded, and loud, my teenagers had a great time too. The back room kept them (us) happy with pool, pinball, and shuffleboard.

Because of it’s size, and the quality of their food, the wait time can be long. I strongly suggest using the “Nowait” app.

Of course, you could always walk around town and visit Foxy’s while you’re waiting for your table too.

Crusade Burger Bar
209 South Bridge Street
Yorkville, IL 60560

*all photos were from Crusade’s facebook page (I forgot to take pics when I was there!)

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