Shop Small Day 302: Foxy's Ice Cream

It’s been too long since I’ve written a “Shop Small” post, I think Latinicity was the last one. It’s definitely not for lack of fantastic small shops, more likely poor time management on my part! Since it’s a holiday weekend. And, since Labor Day always feels like the official end of summer, ice cream is a must. Good thing that I have the perfect spot for you to try…Foxy’s Ice Cream.

foxy 2Yes, this gem is a little tucked away. If you’re driving from the city you may need to pack some light snacks for the trip, or maybe you’ve worked up an appetite kayaking on the Fox River.

Really, though, you don’t need a reason to visit Foxy’s except wanting incredible ice cream.

They are the real deal.

foxy1Do not come here looking for a low-fat, imitation, sorry excuse for ice cream. These flavors are packed with real ingredients…it’s that whole moderation & balance thing!

The most difficult part about visiting Foxy’s is deciding on a flavor. They make about 20 flavors and each one sounds better than the last: Kitty Bang Bang (cheesecake ice cream, raspberry ripples, Oreos, and chunks of chocolate), Caramel Chocolate (espresso ice cream with thick caramel and fudge ripples, chocolate covered caramel cups, and soft chocolate chunks), or This $&@! Just got Serious (smooth salted caramel ice cream with rich sea salt fudge and salted cashews).

Choosing my flavor, though, was easy…Fat Elvis, baby. Sweet banana ice cream, salty peanut butter ripple and chocolate chips.

foxy 3This, my friends, is exactly why you should always eat ice cream with a fork– to dig out the scrumptious chunks.

What’s in our pints? Blue Moon, Fat Elvis, and Cotton Candy.

Of course, there are plenty of sundae, float, parfait, and novelty (think cookie/ice cream sandwiches) options, but pack a cooler with you because you’re going to want to bring home a pint.

Yes, even if you’re stuffed after your cone. Around 11pm, or 6am, a few more bites are going to sound delicious, and you’re going to be really sad if there isn’t more waiting in the freezer.

They’re open daily, but you may want to call ahead to check hours for Monday (Labor Day).

Foxy’s Ice Cream
131 E Hydraulic St.
Yorkville, IL 60560

Need an actual meal before you indulge on ice cream? Check out Crusade Burger Bar across the street (they’re the next “shop small” post!).

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