Finding peace where I least expected it

Call it Zen. Call it Clarity. Call it Decluttering.

Call it detoxing or whatever you like, but they really all mean the same thing, clearing the crap to find peace and calm.

I’ve been clearing toxins from my family’s diet and home for years, but like the piles of papers shoved on closet shelves to “get to later,” there’s plenty more crap I’ve been hoping would just go away.

I don’t feel alone. This summer especially I’ve spoken with many friends who’ve woken up and realized “this shit isn’t working anymore.”

Maybe it’s over-stuffed closets, more often it’s been relationships, friendships, resentment, or grief that they’re ready to eliminate.

We don’t remove clutter, reduce stress, and reject busyness to have a simple life. We do it to have a life.
-be more with less

I would never be described as a gardener. I’m the last person you’d ask to care for your house plants for a week.

Though I get the same high pulling weeds as others find with vacuum lines, that’s about the extent of my thrill for yardwork.

That’s why it was the last place I expected to find clarity.

Pulling weeds led to cutting dead flower heads. Maybe the runner’s high (which I’ve never experienced!) kicked in, but after thirty minutes I stopped rushing and realized this was more than a chore…it was detoxing.

zen2While clearing leaves and dead-heading (how aptly named) plants that I had assumed were hopeless, I found new buds.

Literally- I cut out the crap and found new life.

Sometimes it required a delicate touch, and sometimes I had to cut shit right down to the root.

Instead of treating clematis like tangled Christmas lights, I saw that sometimes the living clings desperately to what long ago expired.

Well shit.  Wasn’t expecting a life wake-up call in Gardening 101.

I can’t say that there weren’t a few casualties. By that point, though, I just said fuck it to some of the lost stems while others received a quiet apology and I will try to save them in a jar inside. Maybe they’ll survive, most likely they won’t, and it will be time to move on and let them go.

I have a better understanding of those I see contently tending/detoxing their life through yard work.

Am I ready to throw myself into gardening and building the yards I envied yet never wanted to take the time to recreate? Not yet.

I’m looking for zen in my closets next.

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