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21 simple ways to cope with stress

Even positive stressors: new job, new baby, wedding planning can often feel overwhelming.  Aside from irritability and headaches, stress plays an active role on the body’s physiological responses. While our body is pretty incredible, it, unfortunately, doesn’t know the difference between the stress of frustrating traffic and the stress of  being chased by a bear.... Read more »

What is cupping: how those circles on Michael Phelps may be beneficial for you too

Like everyone else watching the Rio Olympic swimmers, I immediately noticed the purple circles on Michael Phelps. When my son asked what they were, my husband and I both responded that they’re from cupping. I didn’t realize that millions of others were asking the same question. It didn’t seem out of the ordinary, we’ve both... Read more »

Finding peace where I least expected it

Call it Zen. Call it Clarity. Call it Decluttering. Call it detoxing or whatever you like, but they really all mean the same thing, clearing the crap to find peace and calm. I’ve been clearing toxins from my family’s diet and home for years, but like the piles of papers shoved on closet shelves to... Read more »