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Why I'm not wishing for my kids to stay little

Yesterday I wrote about my daughter beginning high school. Tomorrow is her last day of freshman year. Ok, the end of eighth grade post was almost exactly a year ago, but that’s how fast this school year flew. It’s often said that when parenting “the days are long and the years are short;” that couldn’t... Read more »

Shop Small Day 301: Latinicity

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a local shop- though I have several I need to catch up on- today’s is perfect for this weekend. Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Sure, mom appreciates breakfast in bed (as long as you do the dishes too), but brunch is usually a more popular choice,... Read more »

Easy ways to exercise without a gym membership or a trip to Bali

I love the pictures of the gorgeously tanned women starting their morning with a few sun salutations on a Bali beach. Of course their post morning workout is supplemented with the latest smoothie bowl and detox cleanse. Not surprising, most of these photos rarely include little ones clinging to their legs, or teenagers interrupting them... Read more »