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Make every day Earth Day: 13 tips for improving your health and helping the environment

Each minute in the shower uses 3-5 gallons of water. Reducing shower time by  60 seconds can make a big difference in water conservation.
2016 marks the 46th anniversary of Earth Day. Though we enjoy the April 22nd festivities, small everyday lifestyle changes can have a larger impact on the health of our environment- and ourselves- for more than just one day. Incorporate some of these simple changes into your daily routine to make every day Earth Day! Looking... Read more »

I never wanted to be your weekend lover: Goodbye to Prince

Four months in and 2016 has said goodbye to too many celebrities. Strangers we’ve never met, but who’ve touched our lives through film, television, and movies.  Aside from the world losing their talent, our lives lose a piece of our soul that somehow intertwined with their gifts. They often said Prince was musically ahead of... Read more »

Pin 52: Faster than take-out dinner, seriously delicious Chicken Pad Thai

I know I’m fortunate that my kids will eat anything: sushi, brussel sprouts, my daughter even learned how to make her grandma’s bread dumpling recipe long before me. So, when my son mentioned pad thai for dinner, it sounded delicious to all of us. On a rare activity-free night, though, the last thing I wanted... Read more »

A week of healthy dinner recipes for when you're too busy to cook

I love the articles and Pinterest boards that promise “Easy Weeknight Dinners with just 3 hours prep on Sunday!” First of all, if I have three hours to spare on a Sunday, I sure as hell am not spending it in the kitchen. Second, travel baseball season starts this weekend, I have no free Sundays.... Read more »