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My 5 favorite books of 2015

It’s probably some sort of defense or escape mechanism, but given the choice, I would happily spend all day- every day- reading. Sci-fi isn’t my favorite, but pretty much any genre is fair game. Most often I’ll have four or five books going at a time (if you keep them in different rooms it’s easier... Read more »

Why you should resolve to "Nourish" in 2016

Pantone has a color of the year (Rose Quartz & Serenity for 2016, in case you’re wondering). Oxford Dictionary has a word of the year (oddly- the “tears of joy” emoji for 2015). So I figure there’s nothing wrong with me creating a theme of the year. I’m declaring 2016 the year to Nourish. Resolutions... Read more »

4 Ways My Organic Lifestyle Screwed Up My Kids' Childhood

I think all parents worry that they’re somehow messing up in the parenting department. It’s a tough job. Just when we think we’ve figured it out, a stop sign comes flying out of nowhere to knock us on our ass. I’ve done my best to offer healthful meals, limit our exposure to toxic chemicals, and... Read more »

Essential Oils for Teens

Between school, work, sports, activities, growing bodies, and ever-present hormone fluctuations, teens are under their share of stress. Unfortunately, they’re rarely given effective tools to manage these challenges. A sufficient amount of sleep is almost laughable, especially with after-school activities, homework, and a morning bus arriving before 6:30. Fortunately, the same essential oils that help... Read more »