Shirley you can't be serious

I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. Ok-tonight’s post is a little different. Once a month ChicagoNow provides a challenge topic to all of their writers. We have one hour -9pm to 10pm- to compose our thoughts…and hit Publish. I’ve done this a few times in the past, and obviously now again tonight.

shirleyThe theme? Share your favorite quote (or quotes) — from a philosopher, author, comedian, politician, friend, family member, movie, whoever — and write in detail about why it resonates and has meaning for you.”

Dumb luck. I wrote a post this morning and just needed to add one of my favorite movie quotes before publishing…doesn’t count for tonight. Damn.

Obviously (hopefully) you caught the reference to Airplane. It still ranks as one of my top movies, and one I quote most-often. Admittedly, I quote movies often.

While I’m fairly social, I definitely have more than my share of introvert qualities. Movie quotes are my connection to others. I find comfort in those who respond with the next line, and don’t look at me like I’m speaking in tongues. Okey dokey, doggie daddy?

I have pages of book quotes that speak to my soul and occasionally alter my universe. Those, though, are private. The books closest to my heart I rarely share, they’ve resonated so deeply, that a little bit of myself feels left imprinted on the pages.

serpentineMovies, on the other hand, shape me differently.  Any time I see Alan Arkin- I not only hear “Serpentine, Shirley, Serpentine,” I can hear my dad’s laugh.

Old made for tv movies: Champions a Love Story, Paper Dolls, and Sooner or Later and I’m back in grade school with my best friend.  You did it, we did it, it’s a routine.

Countless hours spent as teenagers not even conversing, but quoting Breakfast Club in its entirety. What did we care what people thought? They’d see us as they want to see us.

Of course, writing on a deadline, my internet goes out and I’m now left with three minutes. How’d you like them apples?

While this may not be my most cohesive post, if you’ve followed even half of these quotes, maybe we can be friends.

My name is Andrew Shepard, and I AM the President.

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