Shop Small Challenge #297: Moore Toys & Gadgets

It looks like a rainy weekend ahead, and the forecast calls for chilly temperatures next week. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to prepare for much colder weather that’ll be here far too soon. I’ve already moved my pup’s evening walk earlier because it’s dark by 8:00. While shorter nights could mean chilling on the couch watching tv, why not start a new habit with family game night. The perfect place to find something everyone will love…Moore Toys & Gadgets.

toy 4Yes, it’s a play on their last name- Moore- but they really have more cool toys than I’ve seen in a while.

They’ve been open for less than a year, but I think Moore’s will be in Wheaton for quite some time. What I like most, though, is that this shop is geared toward older kids and adults. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty for little ones too, but since Ms. Moore’s three kids were older when they opened shop, the tween/teen/adult selection is great.

moore toysUnfortunately, my daughter and I were too busy playing with everything and checking out the shelves that I forgot to take pictures. A bonus customer service surprise…the teenage boy and girl working were having just as much fun showing us their favorites.

Since these pictures are off their Facebook page I can’t guarantee that everything is still in stock.

Heading on vacation? Looking for “brain teaser” books to boost those academic skills? They have plenty of options. Though they have lots of great gift ideas, they also have a studio room for parties and camps. Kimmer’s is conveniently next door so you won’t have to go far with your ice cream cake!

toy 5While I’ll definitely be back for holiday gifts, I’m certain we’ll be there this weekend if my daughter catches sight of these cool phone “pursecases.”

Moore Toys & Gadgets does have website, but it’s mostly informational (no online shopping yet). Check out their Facebook page for a better indication of in-stock items.

Moore Toys & Gadgets
107 E. Front Street
Wheaton , Il 60187

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