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Did your kombucha go away or can we still not have sex

This, my friends, is life with my husband. By the time he comes downstairs in the morning, I’m usually two cups of coffee in and ready for conversation. So, when I asked if he likes kombucha or jun tea, I not only got a blank stare but… “I don’t even know the words you’re saying. Kombucha?... Read more »

Shop Small Challenge #298: The Kitchen

It’s been almost a year since I had one of the best meals of my life, in one of my favorite cities none the less. While some people feel rejuvenated at the beach, I’ll take the mountains any day. Given the choice, I’d hop on a plane back to Boulder, Colorado to eat here again.... Read more »

5 things to ALWAYS buy organic

Choosing a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean that every single purchase has to be certified organic. Certainly it can become cost prohibitive, and many times a local option can be just as safe. Save money buying conventional produce with a peel or rind (ie. bananas or pineapples) that you don’t consume- just be sure to wash... Read more »

Pin 52 Challenge: Turmeric Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry

After doing some research on cancer-fighting foods, I decided we need to incorporate more turmeric to our diet. So, tonight’s dinner focused on two things: 1- turmeric (shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, improve Alzheimer’s symptoms, and prevent cancer) and 2-use up leftover chicken. The result…Turmeric Chicken & Broccoli Stir... Read more »

Shop Small Challenge #297: Moore Toys & Gadgets

It looks like a rainy weekend ahead, and the forecast calls for chilly temperatures next week. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to prepare for much colder weather that’ll be here far too soon. I’ve already moved my pup’s evening walk earlier because it’s dark by 8:00. While shorter nights could mean chilling on the... Read more »

Target, your new wellness plan is "simply" hypocritical

This week, Target announced their plans to make healthy living easier for their employees and guests. The idea to replace impulse items at the checkout line with healthier alternatives is brilliant. Providing a free/discounted FitBit for employees to track their activity is commendable. But, Target’s connection between better health and what’s offered on the shelves... Read more »

6 simple tips for healthier eating

Starting a path toward healthy eating is definitely rewarding, but not always easy, especially if you’re trying to get others excited about the changes too. Be patient, small changes may be necessary. It took time to find a favorite pizza or wings joint, it can take time to find a favorite roasted vegetable or brand... Read more »

Pin 52 Challenge: Buffalo Chicken Pinwheels

After crafty Pinterest disasters like this and this, I decided a recipe was a safer bet. This week’s project was an accidental find, but it might become a new go-to during football season. Last Friday was “girls night” at the Ravinia-esque Arranmore Arts Cabaret Night. Since I was indecisive and everyone else already picked my... Read more »

Pin 52 Challenge: Shopper Tote Bag

In January, I began a weekly tradition of “Sewing with Sam.” Essentially, every Tuesday my mom and I would take over her kitchen and create cool upcycled hockey jersey drawstring bags. The Boston Bruins even contacted me to create bags with their player’s hockey socks (c’mon Rocky- we’re a Hawks family and want to make... Read more »

Shop Small Challenge Day 296: South Bend Farmer's Market

Since you’re already planning on driving a couple of hours for the mouth-watering “PBBJ burger,” you need to make another stop a couple of miles away. In fact, some of the produce and ingredients from Evil Czech Brewery come from here.  Don’t worry if it’s a rainy day, the South Bend Farmer’s Market is indoors and... Read more »