Conveniently Green: a new guide to healthier living

I didn’t grow up on a commune, and I wasn’t home schooled. Though I’ve traveled extensively, I’ve never slept in a tent. And, while dinners when I was a kid were generally made from scratch, I ate fast food for lunch…often.

When my kids were born I made their baby food- really I just pureed whatever we were having for dinner. One afternoon, though, when my son was about 3, my neighbor and I watched his behavior and personality transform in front of us: from playful and friendly to aggressive and wild after he drank Hawaiian Punch (thanks grandma & papa!). My neighbor suggested that I Google side effects of artificial colors; that’s when I started to take a hard look at what’s in our food, and how our choices affect our health and the environment.

angels (1)In 2009, I created Favor the Earth: an online store offering healthier (for us and the environment) alternatives for everyday necessities.  I also maintained a ‘daily green’ that offered information on various topics from 11 Ways to Choose Essential Oils to questioning What’s Wrong with this Picture to sharing the results of my latest Pinterest Challenge.

As a small business owner, I appreciated the American Express Shop Small Day that occurrs one day each November. While the theory is great, focusing on shopping small businesses once a year isn’t going to keep them in business. So, in 2013 I added another challenge to my plate and decided to only shop small business for the entire year ( yes, that meant no Target or major grocery stores) and the Shop Small Challenge was born.

imageThough I didn’t shop small exclusively once 2014 came around, I found I really missed the personalized service when I went elsewhere. So, I continued writing about small businesses I found locally and across the country.

I realized, though, that both blogs really focus on the same theme: small changes that make big difference.

IMG_6393Living mindfully doesn’t mean darning your socks and making homemade jelly (though it’s pretty easy if you’re up for it!), it’s about doing what you can today. It’s also knowing that today can look a whole lot different than the previous 24 hours.

Maybe you aren’t ready to start a compost, but you will try a local indy restaurant instead of the usual chain…fantastic! Someday I’ll live on enough land where I can air dry my laundry, but today my neighbors don’t need to see my undies hanging in the yard.

So, I’m here to help you find simple ways to make like healthier for you, your family, and the environment- without interrupting your lifestyle or emptying your wallet.

We’re just going to live conveniently green.

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