Shop Small Day 291: Burritos Mi Tierra

I love finding independent restaurants. If they’re sort of on the dive side (read: comfortable like home- not scary!) with fantastic food- all the better.  It’s probably obvious that Mexican food is one of my favorites (Nueva Leon, Rito’s Mexican Restaurant, Bien Trucha, Delicia), but I can’t believe it took me this long to find Burritos Mi Tierra.

Less than five minutes away from the hockey rink where I’ve been 3-4 times every week for 4 years sits this gem. I know- why didn’t I find it earlier?  Honestly, because it’s the opposite direction I turn to go home.  A good reminder…just turn 180 degrees and you may find something incredible. is exactly what happened one late night at the rink. Tired & hungry, I set off to find food…any food.  And there was Burritos Mi Tierra in the first strip mall I came to. I was a bit hesitant, everything around it was closed, and though there were a few cars in the parking lot, it was pretty quiet and dark. Inside, was the complete opposite: servers tirelessly bringing out platters of food, customers enjoying gloriously huge margaritas, and a couple others waiting at the counter for take-out.

The menu at the counter is in Spanish and English- everything screams fresh & homemade.

Since it was my first time in I, of course, had to try a little bit of everything: chorizo quesadilla, shrimp tacos, Burrito California (Potatoes, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole & Cheese), and a tamale. I was right about homemade and fresh- everything was delicious.  I knew my whole family would be sampling  with me- so I got the large burrito ($5.95) and it was ginormous.  In fact, each meal was a generous portion-  with plenty left over for lunch (ok- breakfast) the next day. If you don’t like cilantro- make sure you order everything without it.  I didn’t see it listed in the burrito ingredients, but there was plenty of it in there.

The tamale was definitely homemade. They have two different tamales (red & green), but I can’t tell you which one I had! There was a little language barrier, however, I think “little spicy” came through. Not sure if that was the red or green one since I thought it was plenty hot.

 Burritos Mi Tierra is owned by the Garcia family. I’ve been in a time crunch getting take-out so I’m not certain if the woman who took my order was part of the Garcia family. I definitely plan on going back to dine in- not only to talk more with the servers- but for their selection of margaritas & cerveza!

They do have a Facebook page, but it doesn’t look like they ever post on it.  You’re better off finding their menu and hours on their website. Burrito Mi Tierra is open 10am-10pm most days, so if you prefer huevos rancheros you can stop in for breakfast!

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Burritos Mi Tierra
444B N. Weber Rd
Romeoville, IL

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