Shop Small Day 290: Purrfect Fur Pets

Ok, let’s just forget that it’s been an obnoxiously long time since we’ve seen a Shop Small post. Of course I have a million and one excuses, but it’s all irrelevent, we’re here now and that’s all that’s important, right? Just go with me on it. Don’t think that while I’ve been away that I’ve been stuck in a big box rut, I have lots of great small shops to tell you about.  Since I’m probably in the dog house for being away so long, I’m starting with one for your pets (see how I did that?!)…. in fact, it’s Purrfect Fur Pets.

If you’ve followed from the beginning, you may remember one of the first small shops I wrote about was Plainfield Pet Supply Outlet. I’ve shopped there for years for all-natural food for my pup.  Though Purrfect Fur Pets has been located in the facility since 2009, I’m embarrassed to say this year was the first year I’ve taken my dog.  Honestly, I didn’t think my dog needed grooming since she doesn’t have long hair.  Yeah- I was wrong!

Purrfect Fur Pets– and owner Erin Corwell-are awesome!  My dog looked great, smelled great, and best of all, wasn’t shedding all over my house afterwards!

Apparently there’s more to grooming than a fancy haircut (though they do that too!). What else is included in a full-grooming?

love my pup!

love my pup!

*Wash (using all-natural shampoo & conditioner)
*Dry (they NEVER use dryer cages like in the horrible Petco story)
*Ear Cleaning
*Anal Expression (yes, the gross thing the vet tries to convince you that you can do yourself…not a chance!)
*Nail Trim
*Pads Shaved

What can you do while you’re waiting for you pup?  Besides shopping for food and treats, there are a couple of new additions between those 15,000 square foot walls. There’s now a full-time adoption center to visit and a puppy/dog trainer to watch!

dog wash

Don’t need a full-grooming?  That’s ok- you can also go just for nail trims, nail filing, pad shaving, or anal expression.

Pup dirty from the rain? Muddy day at the park? Their self-wash is open 7 days a week. You don’t even have to stop home for supplies; they provide shampoo, conditioner, brushes, fluffy towels, and an air dryer.

pfpssWhat sets Purrfect Fur Pets apart from other groomers?

Where do I start…
-all of the groomers have extensive experience & training (majority over 10 years)
-they’re open 7 days a week
-grooming & self-wash available
-they accept all breeds

Ready to introduce your pup to Erin & her fabulous crew? You can schedule an appointment either by calling (815.609.0202) or by messaging them on Facebook.  Either way, I still recommend you follow them on Facebook for great specials & news.  Mention that you read about them on Shop Small and you’ll save $5 off your first grooming!

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Purrfect Fur Pets
23907 W. Industrial Dr. N
Plainfield, IL

(behind McDonald’s & Tommy Nevins @ rte 59 & 119th)

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