Shop Small Day 282: Prisco's Fine Foods

Now that I don’t need 17 layers of clothes to go outside, I’m happily exploring for amazing small businesses again! While everyone in oohing and ahhing over Mariano’s, I found a different grocery gem. ¬†Although more grocery stores are moving toward a grocery “experience” with their lunch stations (Whole Foods has a grilled cheese cart now?), coffee counters, and gelato bars, I don’t need that for grocery shopping. I have no desire to spend an hour and a half at the grocery store debating over 90 different kinds of jelly. That’s why I felt completely at home at Prisco’s Fine Foods

priscosOf course, if you need a caffeine fix while you shop, that’s ok, because Prisco’s has a coffee & gelato bar too! They also have the largest craft beer selection of any market I’ve been in- over 600 varieties. Most importantly, they also have insanely friendly service.

I guess their great service would explain why they’ve been in business since 1926!

Prisco’s is the epitome of a neighborhood grocery store. Though they specialize in Italian fooods, they also won Aurora’s “Reader’s Choice Award” for meats. They proudly cut all meats in-house, carry over 30 kinds of homemade sausage, as well as Amish chickens.

Need a pasta machine or gift basket? Prisco’s has a decent selection of cookware and gift accessories, perfect if you want a hostess gift that’s different than flowers or a bottle of wine.

Although Prisco’s isn’t huge, they offer plenty of big-time amneties. How about a cooking class? There’s a Wine, Cheese, & Bread class coming up on March 29th.

Short on time? Fax or email your grocery list and they’ll shop for you. Then, you just have to swing by, pick up, and pay.

Even that seems like too much trouble? That’s ok, Prisco’s will deliver too!

Mention that you’re a first time customer and Prisco’s will give you a packet full of coupons and class information. An added unexpected bonus- after your groceries have been packed, a friendly employee will help you out to the car. The last time I saw that service was in high school and shopping at Frank’s in Wheaton.

While I specifically went to Aurora to try Prisco’s, it was pure luck that I found the place next door! You’ll have to wait though, next post…

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Prisco’s Finer Foods
1108 Prairie St.
Aurora, IL

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