Shop Small Day 282: La Michoacana

I mentioned last time that I went to Aurora specifically to try Prisco’s, but found another surprise stop on the way home. Not even a half mile down from Prisco’s, two words caught my eye…homemade and ice cream. Quick u-turn and I found myself in a cool (no pun intended) new shop...La Michoacana.

Even though our Spring Break weather still feels a bit like winter, what’s vacation without ice cream? Take advantage of the slow season, I can only imagine that this place is packed in the summer.

I may need to brush up on my Spanish before I go back, though. The only girl working spoke about as much English as I speak Spanish- un poco.

The language barrier was irrelevant- it wasn’t difficult to understand that they have amazingly delicious ice cream in completly unique flavors: tequila, arroz con leche, and a delicious snickers-type.

I’m guessing there were thirty different flavors from birthday cake to strawberry. Not in the mood for ice cream? They have a wall-size freezer full of assorted fresh-fruit popsicles (paletas). Those flavors were a little more difficult to understand, but they all looked incredible…including the mango and avocado.

la michoacanaSince I was alone this trip, I brought home two “small” scoops and a popsicle for my family.

I didn’t see a price list, so once she started scooping these huge scoops (photo doesn’t do it justice, sorry!) I was figuring my total would be at least $10. I was wrong. $5!

Considering one scoop is almost $5 at other premium ice cream shops, I was definitely surprised and happy.

Despite the cold weather- or maybe for braving this annoying endless winter- head over to La Michoacana for a delicious treat. Just let me know which favorite flavors you find.

I couldn’t find a website for them, but here is their facebook page.

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La Michoacana
720 Prairie St.
Aurora, IL

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