Shop Small Day 270: North Pole Magic

Although it’s wildly popular, Elf on a Shelf creeps me out. I have enough neurosis on my own, I don’t need to catch its creepy eyes out of the corner of my eye. But, I do like the idea of the elf. So, several years ago (I wish I could remember who recommended them), we found North Pole Magic.

Even though my kids are older now, it’s still one of their favorite traditions.

Here’s how these custom elves work….

imageWhen you order, you choose their gender, name, description, and workshop job.

Mid-November the kids receive a letter from Santa basically telling them that he’s rewarding an elf for finishing their jobs (kitchen tester & skateboard wheel tightener in our case) and would they be willing to let the elf stay with them.

Our blonde boy elf, and red-headed girl elf, then arrived December 1st and stay until Santa picks them back up on Christmas Eve.

In addition to their customization, the kids can play with them.

Like Elf on a Shelf, they get into their share of mischief: silly string fights, flour “snow-angels”…rides on the ceiling fan. But they’ve also fixed my “broken” dishwasher and made croissants for breakfast.

Also, each year you can order activity kits that come with new ideas, notecards, or mini-treats the elves can share with the kids.

Even cooler, though, North Pole Magic is made by a mom right in St. Charles. Crazy, right?!

Now, why in the world would you want an elf if you don’t have kids?

imageBecause it would be HILARIOUS trying to one-up your spouse, roommate, or significant other with elf escapades like Dad All Day featured!

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North Pole Magic
1830 Wallace Ave. #202
St. Charles, IL

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