Shop Small Day 266: Green Home Experts

You may have figured out by now, I’m kind of earthy-crunchy. Making green choices, though, doesn’t have to be difficult or mean hanging all of your clothes to dry. Whether you’re new to green living, looking for great products (that happen to be eco-friendly), or want one spot to shop, you’ll find it at Green Home Experts.

Even though this shop is relatively small, it’s packed with fabulous green finds.

Snacks, cleaning products, gifts? They have them. Think of it as Amazon for the green world.

imageI picked up a couple of gifts for my nieces (sorry…can’t tell!), but I also love these Sprout watches. My nieces are still a little young for them- but they’re cool looking and made from cork!

On the same trip I found dish detergent, reusable cleaning cloths, and some snacks for the ride home.

Need a rain barrel? They have those too.

My next trip, however, will be for their “green build” section. We’ve been delayed on a shower rehab project for an embarrassing long time. But, it looks like I’ve finally found a place that carries the tile, grout, and paint (all eco-friendly options) we need to finish the project.

They do have an online store, but you can find great deals in the actual shop too.

Someday I hope products that are safe for our environment will be the norm & we won’t have to guess if the company’s “natural” claims are fluff. Until then, thankfully there’s stores like Green Home Experts.

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Green Home Experts
811 South Blvd
Oak Park, IL


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    Hey, thanks for checking out Green Home Experts and including us in your amazing challenge. We appreciate everyone who shops small. Stefanie, you Rock! Yes, pun intended. I couldn't help myself.

    Queen Bee @ Green Home Experts

  • In reply to Maria Moran:

    Thanks, Maria! Sorry I didn't get to meet you the other day, but I'll be back for help with that shower project!

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