Shop Small Day 251: The Patio

I am incredibly grateful that my kids are good eaters. I always know, regardless if we’re at a restaurant, in someone’s home, or in a different country, that they will try anything. Believe me, I know how fortunate I am. At the same time, going out to eat with them is never cheap; there’s no kids menu for my two…filet, crab legs, scallops, veal, duck, and ribs are their top choices (note to restaurant owners, please allow 1/2 portions of these for “kids meals!”). Sometimes, though, I really want a good meal without having to share it or hear “ooohhh…that looks good, can I have a bite?”

Yes, it’s selfish.

And, even though I know my kids would love this place (I’ll take them soon), it was nice having a sandwich and fries all to myself from The Patio.

imageSince they have 5 locations, you may have heard of them. But you’ve probably opted for their most popular dishes: ribs, pulled pork, or chicken.

But, it’s time to try something new…their veggie sandwich. Inside a soft foccia bun, you’ll find heaps of grilled eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, red pepper, red onion & potatoes, all topped with mozzarella cheese.

A huge, filling sandwich…and I enjoyed every bite!

Since food is made to order (aside from the meats that are slow-cooked for hours), drive-thru can take a few minutes. But it’s so worth the wait.

Need another “different” suggestion? My friend swears by their chicken kabobs.

The Patio has been dishing up delish comfort- kick back with friends and relax- food since 1977.

I’ll be back with the kids soon, but I’m not sure if I’m going to stray from the veggie sandwich. Maybe they’ll be willing to share their ribs!

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The Patio
151 S. Weber
Bolingbrook, IL

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