Shop Small Day 241: Chan's Gourmet

I’m pretty sure that Chinese food delivery orders peak during The Big Bang Theory. It’s like a Pavlovian response now. So, after a long week of prepping for & working shows for my small business, it was time to catch up on this week’s shows and order take-out! Even though there are a few close options, our favorite is Chan’s Gourmet.


Best of all, in less than 45 minutes, steaming hot food arrived at my door!

Since we last ordered Chan’s expanded their menu; they know have a few Thai and sushi options as well.

Kids wanted the standard sweet & sour chicken. Though this isn’t gourmet by any means, I do like that their sweet & sour sauce isn’t a gelatinous glob the next day for leftovers.

We usually skip egg rolls and go with crab rangoon instead. As always, the filling isn’t overly cream-cheesy, and there’s plenty of crab for balance.

Their moo shoo chicken is one of my favorites, but I also wanted to try something off their Thai menu too (figured two dishes would leave more than enough for leftover meals the next day…2 days no cooking- bonus!).

My knowledge of Thai food is pretty limited. Thai Happiness is usually our go-to, but they don’t deliver all the way to my house. When I saw Pad Se-Lew on Chan’s menu I figured it would be just like Pad See Ew.

I was wrong.

On the plus side, I discovered another delicious Thai meal. The noodles were wider than pad thai rice noodles, but not as thick as pad see ew, and the sauce was more subtle. I don’t know if it’s their own variation of the dish, because googling it I can’t find anything similar. Regardless, it was good. Description said it had broccoli, but it also included carrots & peapods which I love, and water-chestnuts (set those aside- they creep me out).

Though you can dine-in at Chan’s Gourmet (we have a few times and they’re always friendly), it seems like delivery & pick-up are their biggest demand.

It looks like they’re trying to add online ordering to their website, but it wasn’t working the other night.

Make sure you check out their “promotions” page to add free items to your order!

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Chan’s Gourmet
2400 S. Eola Rd
Aurora, IL

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