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Shop Small Day 247: Something Different

As you may or may not know, my Shop Small blog is part of the Chicago Now blog forum. I am honored to be connected with incredibly talented writers. Anyway, the brilliant minds behind Chicago Now have started a monthly challenge where we all write on a given topic at a specific time- a blogapalooza-... Read more »

Shop Small Day 246: What I didn't buy this year

I said long ago that this challenge definitely spotlighted the difference between needs and wants. Did I pay a little more some of my “needs”, most likely, but I also impulse shopped way less. There were a few items that I have delayed buying this year, though. One because of price, the other because I... Read more »

Shop Small Day 245: Bien Trucha

Once every couple of years I find a restaurant that is so incredible that I can’t get the food out of my head. I wonder why it took me so long to find it, and cannot wait until I go back again. The last one was Cafe Tu Tu Tango, which I didn’t mind telling... Read more »

Shop Small Day 244: Jo & Doh!

Ok, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ve always loved the idea of them, but in reality they just never appealed to me. Until today. It was supposed to be a just a little thank you gift for my friend, but I’m not sure if they’ll make them to her house now. Apparently... Read more »

Shop Small Day 243: Chelios' Pub & Grill

Since tickets are a little pricey, and it can get boring watching the game at home, sometimes you need a new spot to view the game. Not necessarily a place where everyone knows your name, but a place where you’ll have company yelling about bad plays, and cheering for great ones. “But there’s no place... Read more »

Shop Small Day 242: Longfellow Designs

Ever since I’ve had my business, I have done a few vendor shows each year. But, I never really had a sign I loved. It seemed hypocritical to own an eco-friendly company and have a vinyl sign, and the ones I made myself really didn’t cut it. Let’s just say, no one is knocking at... Read more »

Shop Small Day 241: Chan's Gourmet

I’m pretty sure that Chinese food delivery orders peak during The Big Bang Theory. It’s like a Pavlovian response now. So, after a long week of prepping for & working shows for my small business, it was time to catch up on this week’s shows and order take-out! Even though there are a few close... Read more »

Shop Small Day 240: Havmore! Foods

Imagine this. You’re driving home from work and remember you have nothing for tomorrow’s lunches. The last thing you want to do is drive out of your way to stop at a mega grocery store where you’ll have to wait in line forever. Good thing there is Havmore! Foods. While it may seem like a... Read more »

Shop Small Day 239: Szela's European Deli & Subs

It’s that time of year: tailgating and Oktoberfest parties. Though you may not eat it any other time of the year, every good Oktoberfest needs sauerkraut. If you aren’t planning on making your own, it’s a good thing they have plenty for you at Szela’s European Deli & Subs. Located in a non-descript strip mall-... Read more »

Shop Small Day 238: Bella Roba

My biggest pet peeve of any store, big or small, is being ignored. A simple “hello” or “I’ll be right with you” speaks volumes to me about a store’s customer service. I have to say, though, I had the best store welcome EVER when I found Bella Roba. Seriously, how could you resist going into... Read more »