Shop Small Day 233: Out the Attic Antiques

You could go to the ordinary mall and find hundreds of the same item at various chain stores. Or,  you could go to the outskirt of the mall and find thousands of unique items all in one shop! Bring the family because there’s something for everyone at Out Of The Attic Antiques.

This, my friends, is the mother of all antique stores. Do not let the strip-mall storefront fool you. This place is over 10,000 square feet and represents over 75 vendors.

You don’t have to be a “collector” to love Out of the Attic. Looking for kitchy decor? It’s there. Military memorabilia? Yes, sir. Old coins, vintage fast-food toys, vinyl albums, and sports memorabilia? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Basically, if it’s ever existed, it’s here.


I started bringing my son here when he was around 5, the peak of his Star Wars phase. He was ecstatic when he found a McDonald’s glass with Han Solo (sorry collectors, yes I bought it for a 5 year old). From then on, he never complained about going (despite Toys R Us next door) because to him it was one big treasure hunt- over several visits he found another glass, a Star Wars watch, and a couple of comic books.

While I’m usually scoping out vintage decor pieces, I had an entirely different agenda there yesterday…Halloween.

My kids complain that I never make the house “spooky” for Halloween, they’re right. Spooky = scary and I’m a big chicken.

imageBut, I’m taking baby steps this year and figured some “cobwebby” black and white photos on the mantle would be a good start.

Add some “vintagy” frames and cobwebs & I think I’m off to a good start.

If I were truly ready to create a haunted house, I definitely would have bought the old vise, rusty saw, and antique hay claws. But, I’m pretty sure one of us (me) would have freaked out catching them out of the corner of our (my) eye some night.

Baby steps!

Find something at a garage sale & you’re wondering if it’s worth anything? Stop by and talk to owner Glenn. He’s a collector, an estate sale buyer, and he knows his stuff.

Set aside some time to wander 10,000 square feet of history and let me know what you bring home!

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Out of the Attic Antiques
4054 Fox Valley Center Dr.
Aurora, IL

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