Shop Small Day 227: Bring it Home "Again"

There’s something about perusing through a consignment shop that makes me feel like I’m about to find a treasure. While haphazard clothing stores make me crazy, I love the comfortable chaos searching through vintage furniture and home goods. I’d be a great “American Picker.” One of my readers must know my style well to send me to Bring it Home “Again.”

I’ve actually noticed their red barn before, but it was well after hours, and then I  forgot about it. I won’t make that mistake again!

Owner Rodney is incredibly welcoming and friendly. After leaving the newspaper business a few years ago, Rodney completely changed career directions and opened this shop.


They’ve been in business almost two years, and I’m kicking myself for just finding them…that tall chef would’ve been mine (he’d be a great match for my “small chef” from the Town Dump)!

Since my kids are so little anymore, my pup would’ve been quite the regal beagle on this little couch.

While I’m keeping an eye on the pub table and chairs, I did go home with the adorable blue food storage set from France. Trés chic, non?!

The size of Bring it Home “Again” is misleading from the outside; this place is big. Plan on taking a few run throughs because you’ll never see everything the first time around.

They definitely accept consignment pieces, so if you’re clearing out the house, give Raymond a call.

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Bring It Home “Again”
15930 S. Lincoln Hwy (Rte. 30)
Plainfield, IL

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