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Shop Small Day 234: September Updates

Wow! Almost 10 months into this challenge of shopping small. Although I’m not ready to even think about Christmas and cold weather, I am looking forward to buying holiday gifts from some of the amazing stores I have found throughout the year. Not to mention new ones that I’ve heard are opening soon. There are... Read more »

Shop Small Day 233: Out the Attic Antiques

You could go to the ordinary mall and find hundreds of the same item at various chain stores. Or,  you could go to the outskirt of the mall and find thousands of unique items all in one shop! Bring the family because there’s something for everyone at Out Of The Attic Antiques. This, my friends,... Read more »

Shop Small Day 232: Earth Mama Esthetics

It’s time to get your Zen on. Probably because I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 13 years, I’ve never considered massage therapy a luxury. Instead, it’s always been a vital part of my well-being routine. I’ll take a massage to boost my immunity, decrease pain, or improve my sleep quality over medical prescriptions any... Read more »

Shop Small Day 231: Honey Hill Orchard

It’s about that time of year again: more neighbors fall decorations are popping up every weekend. If part of your fall tradition includes a trip to the pumpkin patch, you’re in luck…especially if you’re looking for one similar to those you remember as a kid. Somehow, over the years, pumpkin farms became less about the... Read more »

Shop Small Day 230: rQ! Barbecue

A gorgeous fall-weather day seemed to call for a bbq lunch. Though we were tempted to head to our recent favorite, Sharkos, I heard there’s a new spot that recently opened. So after hockey practice, my hungry son and I headed to rQ! Barbeque. Since sports practices bring us to this side of town often, it’s... Read more »

Shop Small Day 229: Acorn Portraits

Believe it or not, my kids are almost 11 & 12 and we’ve never had professional family portraits taken. I’ve always found them too staged and figured the candid shots we take are better. Of course, that also means we’re rarely all in the photo together- especially since I’m usually the one snapping the pictures.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 228: Chicago Brew Werks

Once again, today’s small business was a reader’s recommendation (keep ’em coming!). I initially felt a little like a fish out of water, but owner Brandon (far left in the photo) made me feel right at home in no time. You don’t have to be a home-brewer to find something to love at Chicago Brew... Read more »

Shop Small Day 227: Bring it Home "Again"

There’s something about perusing through a consignment shop that makes me feel like I’m about to find a treasure. While haphazard clothing stores make me crazy, I love the comfortable chaos searching through vintage furniture and home goods. I’d be a great “American Picker.” One of my readers must know my style well to send... Read more »

Shop Small Day 226: Plainfield Dance Academy

It’s time to dust off those leotards and ballet shoes that are shoved into the back of your drawer. There’s a new ballet studio in town. Though my formal dance training days ended years (ok, decades) ago, I have to admit I’m feeling the pull of the studio: the barres, the mirrors, soothing classical music.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 225: En Vogue Boutique

Who’s ready for a little retail therapy?! There’s a new consignment shop in town. Remember a while ago when I introduced you to Posh Style: Fashion & Decor Boutique? Her sister just opened her own place…En Vogue! I think it may be dangerous that this one is so close to my house. En Vogue Boutique... Read more »