Shop Small Day 198: Two Girls and a Cupcake

After a long day of hiking, you’ll definitely work up an appetite. And, you’ve burned plenty of calories climbing countless stairs so there’s no reason not to indulge in a sweet treat. Obviously someone was thinking when they decided to open Two Girls and a Cupcake less than a mile from Starved Rock State Park.


Of course, we had to hit the shop before hiking. A little energy boost for the day!

We weren’t the only ones; the place was packed.

If you haven’t been to Utica, there are two state parks nearby: Starved Rock and Matthiessen. This was our first trip to Starved Rock with the kids.

When we were there many years ago, the trails were precarious and I was always worried one of my kids would slip and fall several feet. We’ve been missing out, because it’s changed dramatically.

There are plenty of railings and marked paths. Kids and adults (and a bunch of dogs!) of all ages were out for the day. Since it’s been so dry there weren’t any flowing waterfalls, but I’ve heard the Matthiessen park has even more waterfalls than Starved Rock.

Utica itself is a cute town, and a cupcake shop fits in perfectly.

image Which ones did we pick?

Cinnamon Roll, Cookie Dough, Andes Mint, and Chocolate Toffee.

They don’t have a website, but you can find most of their flavors on their Facebook page.

imageApparently this one wasn’t available, because it definitely would’ve been my daughter’s pick.

We’ll definitely be back to Starved Rock for a hike, and we’ll certainly be back to Two Girls and a Cupcake!

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Two Girls and a Cupcake
723 S. Clark St. (rte 178)
Utica, IL

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