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Shop Small Day 217: Capri Sogno

Despite the fact that I’m not even 1% Italian, I could eat pasta every day. Probably even every meal. That’s why I am so excited that a new Italian restaurant opened in our town. We jumped at the chance to try Capri Sogno. Even though it’s white table cloth and could easily call for a... Read more »

Shop Small Day 216: Pangaea Outpost

It’s one thing to get great customer service shopping in a local small business, the experience is multiplied tenfold when doing it over the phone and out of state. A few months ago I had an incredible experience with Trader Joes when they helped out a childhood friend. This time, I owe a world of... Read more »

Shop Small Day 215: Re-Joyce

If your idea of a perfect weekend involves antiquing, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to drive three hours for a great shop. In fact, for the past two years there’s been a great store filled with treasures only twenty minutes from my house, I had no idea. It was another great find... Read more »

Shop Small Day 214: The Village Grind

The small businesses in Oswego are well aware of the crowds that the Country Market brings to town. That’s why many of the shops that are normally closed on Sundays are open during the market season. So, if you wake up early to get first pick of produce (or croissants!), you can get a cup... Read more »

Shop Small Day 213: Oswego Country Market

One of the best ways to discover a new town is to hit their farmer’s market. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to the market for the town next to mine. It took maybe 15 minutes to get to there. Since Oswego is a fairly small town, I was expecting a small... Read more »

Shop Small Day 212: City Soles

I’ve said it a thousand times before. Shoe designers listen up!  Someone is missing a HUGE market. By the time my daughter reached 6th grade she wore the same size shoe as me; now in 7th, she’s a size bigger. Good luck finding quality women’s size shoes that are appropriate for twelve year old girls.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 211: Schweppe, Inc

Food Network on 24/7? Pinned more recipes than you’ll make in a lifetime? Dream of entertaining in your outdoor kitchen? Then you will love Schweppe. If strolling through aisles of pitchers and saucepans creates a bigger high than perusing shelves of shoes, you’ll feel right at home in Schweppes. For over 70 years they’ve been... Read more »

Shop Small Day 210: Danelli's

I cannot believe that I haven’t written about this place yet. I even searched back all the way to Day 1 to double check. Nope. Maybe because it’s one of my favorites I was leery of sharing! With its red checked tablecloths and incredible food, I must be talking about… Danelli’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.... Read more »

Shop Small Day 209: Weber's Bakery

I love hearing about small businesses when friends share their favorite shops with me. But I have to admit I felt like a “johnny come lately” yesterday when everyone had heard of this place but me. Not to mention it’s been around since 1930. Apparently, I live in a box. And, apparently I was the... Read more »

Shop Small Day 208: Small Smiles

You probably don’t hear from kids too often that they love their dentist.  But Dr. Dave is no ordinary dentist.  Parents love him, kids adore him, and his staff is just as incredible.   Even if your child is barely out of diapers, call to get on the waiting list because everyone is trying to... Read more »